Covid 19


At Paediatric Dental Associates of Randolph, we are actively putting together a comprehensive plan for safely opening our practice back up for our staff and patients.  There will be many changes at our office all instituted to maximize the safety of everyone. 

Every single person entering our office; staff, patients and their accompanying parent, will have their temperature taken.  For our staff, the changes will consist of logging daily temperatures upon arrival and attesting to the fact that they are not experiencing any shortness of breath, cough, or any other COVID symptoms. 

Hygienists and Dentists will be wearing N95 masks along with surgical masks and shields.  Seeing as though our pediatric patients will not be accustom to these significant changes which significantly decrease the personal contact between our small patients and our hygienists and dentists, we will be printing and utilizing selfie iron on transfers to be worn on top of the surgical masks so that our dental professionals’ entire face  will be recognizable to our patients.  

Work stations will all be 6 feet or more apart at our reception desk and plexiglass barriers have been installed to separate patients from receptionists.  Chairs were removed from our waiting room so that people cannot linger.   

Two Extraoral High Evacuation Suction Units have been purchased to decrease aerosol droplets in the exam rooms.  In addition, we have also purchased ultra violet lights for our HVAC units in order to reduce virus particles in the air.  

Patients will be required to wait in their cars until their appointments and only one parent per minor patient will be permitted to attend the visit.  The doors to our office are propped open so that handles do not need to be touched and hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the office and required to be used upon arrival.  COVID-19 paperwork will be available on our website along with information on all our new protocols.  Paperwork will be required to be completed upon arrival for each patient and pens will not be re-used from patient to patient.  Credit cards will be kept on file so that financial transactions are risk free for both parents and staff.

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