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At Pediatric Dental Associates of Randolph one of the options, we may recommend for treating cavities in baby teeth is the application of silver diamine fluoride to affected teeth. The great appeal of using silver diamine fluoride on cavities is that it stops both the development and the spread of decay without the need to drill into the tooth. This is especially beneficial for use with young children as early dental experiences truly set the tone for a lifetime of optimal oral care. Anything we can do to create positive dental experiences while maintaining healthy teeth is vitally important. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a relatively new way for dentists in the United States to treat tooth decay. It was approved by the FDA in 2014 as a safe and effective way to treat cavities although it has been used in Japan for more than 80 years now. At Pediatric Dental Associates of Randolph, we often suggest the use of silver diamine fluoride for treating minor cavities in baby teeth as a less expensive and noninvasive option. It is a great choice for treating shallow cavities in young children who would otherwise require sedation or general anesthesia. The only contrary to using silver diamine fluoride is that it discolors the tooth and can cause temporary staining of nearby tissues. Another important advantage of treatment with Silver Diamine Fluoride is that it is a quick and pain-free process. One of our Pediatric Dentists will apply the SDF using a small paintbrush dipped in the SDF liquid and paint it onto the surface of the tooth where the decay is present. Several applications may be needed to arrest the spread of the decay. If you have any questions on the use of silver diamine fluoride or any other oral care concerns please call our office at (973) 989-7970 and one of our experts will be happy to speak with you.

At Pediatric Dental Associates of Randolph, we are passionate about children’s teeth. Aside from our dedication to caring for kids pearly whites, our other passion is to educate both children and their caregivers on all things impacting optimal oral health.

Often adults don’t truly appreciate the important role baby teeth play in a child’s development. Sure those cute little teeth are adorable in photos or when your child smiles up at you but did you know they also play a vital role in many areas crucial for your child’s optimal long-term health?

One of the obvious first jobs of baby teeth is to allow your little one to begin chewing solid foods. As your child approaches their first birthday these first teeth play an important role in speech development. At the same time as your child is first learning to speak, their adult teeth are forming beneath the gum line, directly below the baby teeth. One of the most important jobs these primary teeth have is to act as placeholders for the adult teeth as they grow and form.

For these reasons, it is vitally important to take optimal care of these first teeth. They should never be thought of as “just baby teeth” instead they should be the instrument for teaching proper oral care that will remain with your child throughout their lifetime. Without baby teeth performing their critical job, proper nutrition, speech, jaw growth and development would not be accomplished.

If you have any questions on the importance of baby teeth or anything regarding your child’s oral care, please feel free to call our office at (973) 989-7970 and speak to one of our pediatric oral care experts.

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